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CASE 1: - Apex Legends | Stories from the Outlands – "Northstar"
We are happy to showcase one of our latest works from the Apex Legends game world. We worked with the Source Sound team to develop an audio solution for this short film.
Based on the genre and fairly rich music, we tried to create full-bodied and expressive Foley, which would be perceived organically in the mix.
To achieve the sound of metal surface footsteps we used a hydrophone placed on a resonator plate in addition to the main mics and subharmonic synthesizers.
In the desire to get more contrast between distinct characters and scenes, we paid special attention to the different details: from heavy fighters, ammunition, and weapon sound to lightweight small girl footsteps and movements.

Apex Legends
Stories from the Outlands – "Northstar"
Take a look at our studio
1) Foley Stage
Located at the Dovzhenko Film Studios - the heart of Ukraine cinema, the studio was designed for Foley primarily. A big and tall stage with 22 000 cubic ft. (600m3) volume, was reconstructed and upgraded with well seen and nice looking 140 sq.ft. (13m2) projection screen, more than three dozen different surfaces and pits (many of which can be combined), and various acoustic zones for exterior and interior scene recording.

2) Control Room
Using almost no compromise Non-environment acoustic concept and high-class, flush-mounted monitoring system gives us confidence that we will hear no less than our customer.
Сomfortable and future-proof workplace, ready for new stuff and forthcoming upgrades, along with cozy lounge zone next door encourages for enjoyable (pleasant) and productive work.
3) Equipment
"Proven" solutions were not satisfied us completely and were not allowed us to use all room potential completely. So we decided to start our own trip looking for the "ideal" sound. Selecting the equipment we carried out many tests to determine (point out/identify) which will give us the most specifically in our conditions (studio). We checked a heap (plenty) of different mics, preamps, and other stuff to get the best from each component. The same applies to more unusual tasks - for which one we already have a set of contact and hydrophone mics - for impact and underwater sounds.

4) Foley Mixing
Inspired by the meeting with Nicolas Becker, and learning one of the features of Foley recording in France we put an extra mic in addition to the main one and ... can't stop yet. At the moment we use and mix 4-6 mics in real-time, which leads to an uprise of perspective and dynamic diversity. The list of remedies is not limited to physical only - we use a lot of plugins to achieve sounds that are not possible from the conventional recordings.

5) Foley Stuff
Last but not least thing for the "right" sound: more than a hundred shoe pairs, built-in doors and windows, full-size bath and huge framed swimming pool (70'000 cubic ft. / 2000L) for epic water effect recordings in addition to really big and constantly grown props collection - gives power find appropriate sound in any situation.

Words from our customers
The team at FoleyArt always delivered very effective and nice-sounding recordings that sit very well in the mix. And I was always impressed by the pleasant contact and overall professionalism regarding schedule, communication, responsiveness and finance. Keep it up!
Sebastian Morsch
Supervising sound editor
I had the pleasure to work with foleyart on several projects. In the Netflix Series Unorthodox they made the studio shots come to life with great sounding footsteps and dramatic creaking bedsprings. Their recordings sound both realistic and cinematic, so it fits perfectly to the dialogue track and the Sound FX recordings are a great asset for Sound Design.
Paul Rischer
Sound designer
We'd like to thank you for many projects now, we appreciate your effort and the quality of your work very much.
There is never any doubt that you could not deliver in time which is super important in our very tight schedules.
Petra Kader-Göbel
Inhouse producer
Great communication, fast turnaround and good quality - it's always a pleasure to work with Victor and his team.

Manu Gaber
Sound Supervision
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Our team is celebrating (is going to celebrate) our 13th Birthday in the coming 2022 year, but we are still inspired like it is just the beginning.
We're fond of unusual tasks and do our best to attain perfection, no matter how extraordinary is the challenge we take up.
Our prime directive is to create Foley to implement the unique idea of each film script, able to discover the characters' individual features.
Remaining open to change, being frank with ourselves, with our clients and colleagues are our fundamental principles.
We stand ready to cooperate with creators all over the world to perform the unique sounding for each story we work on.

Let's try to do something wonderful together!
Victor Shcheglov
Foley artist & co-founder
Eduard Zemlianoi
Foley mixer & co-founder
Oleh Tarasenko
Foley artist
Danylo Babiak
Foley mixer
Award wins and nominations
68th MPSE Awards nominee (2021)
Hitsville: The Making of Motown
56th CAS Awards nominee
German Film Awards winner (2019)
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